Using Snapchat To Market Your Business: What Is Snapchat? [3]

Summary: How it all started.

Snapchat is a social media platform that is image and video based. You “snap” an image or a video and then you either send it to one particular person, or more people. Or, you can add it to a “story”, which lasts for 24 hours that anyone can view, depending on your privacy settings.

Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown (no longer with the company) got the idea for Snapchat when sending photos to a girl and wishing they’d just disappear immediately. Yes, it started out as a dating or “hookup” app. The idea that started as Pictaboo then became Snapchat when the three realized that with venture capital help, the huge potential of the idea for individuals and businesses that aren’t looking for a hook up was there. It launched in its current incarnation in 2011.

As the third most used Internet app, now worth an estimated 15 billion dollars, it’s a very powerful solution for many different types of businesses, whether large or small, online or offline. Now corporations, small businesses, and individuals wanting to expand awareness of their brand, or just have fun, use Snapchat on a daily basis successfully.