Using Snapchat To Market Your Business: Stories, Snaps, & Messages [8]

Summary: To post a story you simply choose to post to your stories instead of to certain people. You can also delete stories and reply to other people’s stories. You can also add to certain stories by brands. This is a great way to advance your brand and tell the story of your brand in a fun way.

An individual Snapchat can be sent to one or more individuals, including custom audiences just like stories, but there won’t be multiple snaps together to form a longer story or a product demo or something like that. It’ll just be the normal length one Snap.

  • Be Different — The trick is not to post the same Snaps to your individual messages that you send to your stories. You want those to be different and to stand apart from each other. Plus, don’t make stories too long. Three to five snaps in a story is plenty to give your audience information.
  • Don’t Just Do Selfies – People get sick of selfies, they know what you look like. Be creative about what you are sending to people, whether it’s a story or an individual snap. At least add captions, emojis and other information to the selfie if you’re going to go there. Make sure each thing you share has a reason for being.
  • Stay Professional – Like all social media, people get outraged over things easily. Even if someone sends you a mean Snap, don’t do it back and definitely don’t add any passive aggressive snaps to your stories. Maintain professionalism at all times.

Be active, but not too active. Sending more than a few snaps a day will take away from the joy of your life and your ability to work on your business. Make sure that every snap has a reason for being, includes text on it and information outside of Snapchat. Now that you understand a little about Snapchat, let’s talk about using Snapchat to market your business.