Using Snapchat To Market Your Business: Snapchat Settings [7]

Summary: There are many different settings to think about for Snapchat. Plus, some of these things will look different on an iPhone than an Android phone. However, they are all called the same thing regardless of which phone you’re using.

Since you’re using the phone for marketing, one of the first things you may want to change is the default setting that prevents strangers from sending you snaps. It’s up to you whether you want to open this up or not, but if you don’t you’ll have to add people in order to see their Snaps. If you change the setting, you can see Snaps from those you do not add.

  • Device Settings – Depends on what type of device you’re using but this is where you set permissions, allows you to receive text messages, take pictures and videos, record audio, set your GPS, read the Snapchat contract and even read your contact card. You’ll also set your storage, network and battery permissions here, too. Under device settings, you’ll also see a way to enable or disable push notifications. That just means that you have control over when and how you receive Snapchat notifications.
  • Login Verification – Under this area you’ll find that you can enable SMS, Authentication, disable lost devices, finding and using your recovery code and more. Go through each of these settings to ensure that you have everything set the way you want. It can’t be stressed enough the importance of going through each item.
  • Birthday Setting – This is a social app so putting your birthday in there is important. It’s a good opportunity to market to your audience having your birthday be displayed to them during your birthday. Anytime you can get your face in front of your audience it’s a good thing.
  • Display Name – This is the name that people see when you add them or they add you. Choose wisely. This one, unlike your username, can be changed. But you want it to be something that helps people to remember your brand.
  • Travel Mode – When you are traveling, your mobile device will use your data. You want to ensure that you have Snapchat set up right in case you do not want to use data for Snapchat. It’s under manage and additional services.
  • Setting Your Phone Number – Here you’ll verify your number and choose whether or not you’ll allow your friends to use that number to locate you and whether or not your friends and strangers can see the phone number.
  • Changing Your Privacy Settings – This area does what it says. You can set the settings to be more private or more open. You can let either just your friends or everyone send you Snaps, for example. Plus you can set who can see your stories, which, as a marketer, you should set to everyone or custom.
  • Setting & Verifying Your Email Address — This is just like verifying your phone number, you will want to also verify and set privacy on your email address, as well. Remember to use an email address that goes with your business and to set it for public use. That way they’ll see your URL.
  • Opting Out of Find Friends – Snapchat has a feature that lets you find friends who are geographically close to you as well as by phone number or email address. You can set the settings so people cannot find you if you choose.
  • Clearing Conversations – When you have chats with people some of the text conversations are saved and you may want to clear it out to avoid taking up too much space on your device. You can clear specific conversations without deleting the content you want to keep.
  • Additional Services – Set filters, travel mode, friend emojis, permissions and more under additional services, as well as opt in and out of features you may or may not want to use.
  • Power Save Model – Snapchat can suck a lot of power. Using this feature can help you avoid this problem controlling how much power you use.

In addition to all these settings, you can delete your account, change your password or reset a forgotten password. Remember that you can’t have two accounts on one device so you’ll need to really be sure about what you’re going to use your account for before you set it up. Let’s go over a few of the features of Snapchat more in-depth.