Using Snapchat To Market Your Business: Snapchat Marketing Checklist [2]

Summary:Build your audience and even create revenue by marketing on Snapchat. Using any and all social media platforms will help your business and brand to grow.

Do Your Research

  • Define Your Target Audience
  • What are their pain points?
  • What are their demographics?
  • How can you solve their problems?

Getting Started With Snapchat

  • Open a Business ONLY Snapchat Account
  • One account per email address & phone number
  • Choose Your Display Name / Handle Carefully
  • This is important you want it to speak to your audience

Getting More Friends on Snapchat

  • Use Scanable, Sharable Code With Your Community
  • Snapchat provides this in your account
  • Create Exclusive Content
  • How to videos, images with text: Be relevant to your audience.
  • Create Special “VIP” Promotions
  • Treat Snapchat Friends as VIPs and give them a special inside view
  • Promote Special Events
  • Show “Behind the Scenes” Information
  • Introduce New Products/Services on Snapchat First

Get the Word Out

  • Create Demo Stories
  • Put together five or six Snaps to create a demo
  • Create Brand Stories
  • Put together a few Snaps to tell your brand story
  • Entertain Your Audience
  • Don’t be boring, only post relevant information

Get Friends/ Followers Involved

  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions
  • You can collect questions on Snapchat and answer on YouTube
  • Offer Coupon Codes
  • Have a flash sale with a code only for Snapchatters
  • Reward Your Audience
  • Give them freebies that no one else gets such as a checklist
  • Create Last Minute Offers

Final Tips for Snapchat Success

  • Cross Promote on Other Social Media
  • Use your Snapchat image & code for your profile picture
  • Talk about Snapchat on YouTube
  • Mention Snapchat in email
  • Be Yourself (be human)
  • Don’t try to be someone else, it’s okay not to be perfect
  • Mind your Metrics
  • Keep track of screen captures
  • Keep track of new Friends
  • Don’t be Overly Promotional
  • One or two promotions a day is enough
  • Seek to interact and be friends not just sell