Starting an Amazon Store: Marketing Your Product [19]

Summary: Creative marketing is what will drive sales

•No national, name brand already dominates in sales.

•The product and its market have multiple keywords.

•The top keywords for the product and its market have a high number of searches done for them.

•Are there at least two or three similar products for which the Amazon Best Sellers Rank is less than 10,000? (This threshold should not be taken as an absolute minimum, and you may be justified choosing a product with lower current rankings if the other considerations are favorable.)

•Do the current top selling products have an average of less than 300 customer reviews on Amazon?

•Is there the potential to position your product differently from the current FBA sellers? (We’re talking about things like combining your product with other related items, or selling complementary products alongside it, or using unique and creative branding strategies.)

•Is there the potential to easily develop a market where customers will reorder your product, perhaps even on a regular basis?