Starting an Amazon Store: Case Study – Coffee Grinders [5]

Summary:Specific products and what choice you will have to make in the various levels of Amazon FBA

At this point, it might be useful to talk about a specific product so that we can discuss Amazon FBA in various contexts. However, keep in mind that we aren’t necessarily saying that this product has the potential to generate a lot of profit on Amazon FBA.

In fact, in nearly all cases, people who do business through Amazon FBA are generally reluctant to identify the product or products they’re selling. After all, why tell anyone about the profitable product and invite the competition. (Of course, that’s one of the great things about Amazon FBA; once you identify a good product or niche, you can really clean up!)

So for the rest of this report we’re going to talk about a manual coffee grinder, much like one of these:

Now let’s discuss the steps for setting up your account and getting that manual coffee grinder listed on Amazon FBA.

Coffee Grinder Case Study