Starting an Amazon Store: Basic Workflow Is Essential [16]

Summary: The following lessons are references to help you step by step. This will help you through the important aspects of the process quickly and efficiently.

•Identify a product for which there’s a strong, but still reasonably small, demand.

•Verify that there are no dominant sellers of that product.

•Research possible suppliers of that product.

•Make your wholesale product order and prepare the items for Amazon.

•Ship your products to Amazon and prepare your product page listing.

•Be active in managing every step of this process!

The biggest challenge in that workflow is to identify the product that’s going to give you the best chance to reach your goals with Amazon FBA, whether that’s to maximize your profits on this item only or to potentially build a much larger business over time.

To help you in this process, we’ve created the checklist below.

In summary, you’re going to look at the market that you think might hold the best opportunities, realizing that some categories of goods are more suitable than others.

Start drilling down to try to identify products for which there is a current (and hopefully growing!) demand, but where that demand is not being served by a large number of sellers on Amazon.

The more items you can check, the more likely it is that product has the potential for some serious financial upside for you on Amazon FBA: