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Web Hosting

If your store doesn’t work well, and load fast, you’ll have a lot of problems with keeping customers happy. But with a Shopify store you’ll have unlimited bandwidth, daily backups, SSL certificate, email forwarding, PCI compliance and everything you could want including 99.99% uptime.


In order to be sure that your descriptions, SEO, marketing and product choices are working you need to be able to see the numbers. You can see everything you need to know via your dashboard. Sales, orders and traffic information all help you make smart decisions and choices for your business.
You can even export reports so that you can send them to your CPA or business advisor to help you make even better decisions. You can also integrate Google Analytics with your online store to help you track sales, visits and referrals even more easily.

Shopify Mobile

One of the most exciting features of Shopify is the fact that it’s atomically mobile. Your sites will look great on mobile, but what’s more is you can, with the right app, manage your store completely with your Smartphone.

You can fulfill orders, capture payments, see everything on your dashboard so you can manage inventory, email or call customers, and so forth. Your data will be synced automatically and you’ll be fully informed and up to date at all times.

24/7 Support

When using such important software for your business, it helps to know that smart people have your back. The support with Shopify is above and beyond with several ways to get support. You can search the knowledge base, call them, email them and chat with them online all 7 days a week 24 hours a day or night.

Two exciting features to note are the discussion forums and the Ecommerce University. The forum has users and experts alike with whom you can discuss marketing, accounting and more. In the University there are eBooks, videos, webinars and more all included.


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