Ready, Set, Sell: The Shopify Dashboard

The Shopify Dashboard

Once you set up these portions of your online store let’s look at your dashboard.

When you click on Shopify or Home it will make your dashboard look as above. Each area is pretty self-explanatory, but let’s find out what’s inside each link.

✓ Search – If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you can enter a search term to find products, orders, customers, and much more. Just search for what you want to look at.
✓ Orders – This area allows you to see your orders, drafts which enables you to create orders manually, and abandoned checkouts. You can even install a desktop notification app that will alert you right on the desktop of your computer if you get a new order.

✓ Products – This area gives a list of products that you’ve uploaded. Plus, you can deal with transfers, all your inventory, collections of products and manage gift cards.
✓ Customers – From this link you can manage all your customers from one area. If you have customers from other shopping cart systems or mailing lists, you can import them into this system. When you add in a customer you can add in notes and tags to make it easier to find them when you need to.

✓ Reports – Under products is a lot of information including sales, sales by referrer or source, and sales of certain SKUs. You can organize by month and even by the very hour you want to see. Not only that, you can check on payment methods, how much taxes you’ve collected, traffic and other insights.
✓ Discounts – This is where you add discount codes that you can promote on ad networks, email, and social media. This is a great way to have a sale without having to cut prices manually for each product.

✓ Online Store – You can see how many people have viewed your online store, write and see your blog posts, make new pages, change the theme, upgrade the navigation and set your domain name here.
✓ Apps – This link will show the apps you have installed, plus apps that you can choose to install. You’ll see “trending apps” which shows apps that a lot of Shopify customers are finding useful or are trying out a lot. Plus, you can search for new apps by browsing the app store.

✓ Settings – This is one of the most important areas of your dashboard. You’ll need to go through it to fill out all the information about payments, checkout, shipping, taxes, notifications, files, sales channels, your online store settings, and your main Shopify account. PayPal is automatically set up using the email address you used to open the account.
It helps to click through each of these dashboard links to help you familiarize yourself with what is available for you to control with Shopify.


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