Ready, Set, Sell: Getting Started With Shopify

Getting Started with Shopify

The first thing to do before getting started with Shopify is to determine what of product that you want to sell. Once you know what type you need, either create it or find a source for the product. Let’s go over these issues.

Digital Products

If you want to sell digital products such as eBooks, courses, information products, or even stock photography, you’ll need to source the products you want to sell by finding master resale products or by creating your own products.

• Master Resell Rights – This is a special type of digital, private label product (PLR) that you can purchase all rights to either sell as is, or to alter and sell as your own. This is a fast way to get started with selling digital products.
• Create Your Own – You can use your own skills or hire someone to create products for you such as apps, information products, white papers, eBooks, stock photography and more. The Shopify system allows you to put up multiple images and examples of your products in the shopping cart easily.

Finding digital products or creating them is a great way to get started without a large investment. You’ll be earning a profit quickly with digitals if you have sourced or created the right type of products for your audience.

Physical Products

Another way to sell products through Shopify is to sell physical products. There are a multitude of ways to do this from making your own to finding wholesalers, drop shippers and more. Whether you have physical or digital products, is important that you pick the right products for your audience.

• Drop Shipping – You can work with a company to drop ship the items you want to sell to your audience. You list them on your website for sale at your price point, and then when an order is made an order goes directly to the drop ship company who ships your item to your customer under your name at their price. You keep the difference.
• Wholesale – You will need to purchase products and store them in your own warehouse if you get involved with buying products wholesale, as you usually have to buy in bulk. That means you’ll need to deal with shipping costs, taxes and packing.

There are a lot of different ways to source products for your online or point of sale system. Let’s go over the different ways in which you can ensure that you pick the right products for your store.


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