Ready, Set, Sell: Building Your Store

Building Your Store

You can do a lot right from the Home tab in your dashboard.

You can set up your domain name, add products, customize your website, set up your social media, and even use code to add the products to your existing website.

You’re going to want to eventually set up your domain name. If you are adding a store to your existing site, you can create a subdomain such as where you host your domain names or you can use a new domain name. You can even purchase a domain name from Shopify.

Choosing the Right Theme

One of the things you need to do for your online store is to choose a theme. There are numerous free themes that you can choose from.

There are also some premium themes that you can purchase from the Theme store.

You are sure to be able to find just the right theme for your type of store. The prices of the themes vary. To pick a good theme, consider what you’ll use the store for, what kind of products, and what feeling you want to evoke from your audience. Once you pick a theme, you just have to customize it.

Setting Up a Custom Domain

You’ll find this information under Home and Online Store. You can either add an existing domain or you can buy one from Shopify.

To add a domain tick Add a domain name you already own, to purchase a new domain, choose register a new domain name.

Definitely you must use your own domain to have a successful store. It will make your store look more professional and help people trust you more.

Adding Products

With Shopify, it’s easy to add new products to your store. Just click on Products and Add Product.

Notice that you can import products and you can export your product list as well. When you do click add product, you’ll need to have images, a good description, the price decided and all the information you need to list the product.

Fill out the Title, Description and upload images of your product.

Then fill out the pricing, inventory information if needed, or choose not to track the inventory. If you are going to ship it, you need to enter shipping weight.

Under this information you can also edit the SEO that shows up in a search engine.

The SEO component is very important, because that’s what the searcher will see when it comes up in their search results. This information will help potential customers determine if this is a product they want to purchase.

Adding Pages – To add pages to your online store, which is also your website and blog, go to Home, and then click “Online Store”. There you can add and edit pages. Click Pages and then you’ll see a couple of pages added for you already that you can either delete or edit.

To edit, just click on what you want to edit, to delete, select the one you want to delete and the click delete page.


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