Ready, Set, Sell: Blogging


One of the ways to drive traffic to your website and store is to publish relevant, targeted and frequent content. Shopify makes it easy to do by making it easy to publish blog posts. You can write blog posts and schedule them. You can also add a featured image, images within the blog, fill out SEO information and more.


By clicking Navigation you can also create menus, make drop down menus and reorder the menus by dragging them around. It can make your website look professional and work better for your audience. People don’t want to have to hunt around to try to figure out where to find the information that they need. Make it easy for them.


It’s important to go through all the settings to ensure that everything is set up right. Go through each setting and fill out the information you need. You can also use this area to add new a file that you can connect to digital downloads for digital products. You can also add digital files where you add products.


If you want to offer digital downloads, you need to add an app for that. Shopify has a free app called Digital Downloads that you can easily add.

Search for the app you want in the search bar. By typing Digital, the first one to show up is Digital Downloads, which happens to be the free digital download app.

Choose and install with a click the app you want to use. It’s all automatic and ready to use with just a few clips.

This part can be a little tricky. See the dots in the red circle above? Click there.

When you do, a drop down will come that says Digital Download, when you click that you’ll be able to upload the attachment for the digital product.

Using Shopify Apps

There are numerous Shopify Apps that you can use to improve your store. We already talked about one app that helps improve your store and adds the ability to offer digital downloads to your store. But there are many other types of apps too.

Some apps are free and some have a one-time charge and others are monthly charges. You can find help with sales, like affiliatly which can help you start an affiliate marketing program. You can also find loyalty programs, coupon software, and social autopilot, Facebook store apps and more to help you make your store even better.

Look through the apps to find what you need. When you think of something you want your store to do, and it isn’t native to the software, take a look at apps. If you can’t find what you need, remember that they have 24/7 live chat to help, as well as the forum to ask questions.


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