Ready, Set, Sell: Marketing Your Store

Marketing Your Store

Once you have your store set up and loaded with your products, it’s time to get busy getting the word out about your store. Shopify has everything you need to succeed.

  •  Build Your Email List – You can integrate your store with Mail Chimp in order to build a robust and active email list. Your email list will make it easy to market to your customers.
  • Network Online & Off – Use social media, groups & forums to let people know what you’re doing. Activate social sharing on your website.
  • Start an Affiliate Program – Let current customers and movers and shakers within your industry know about your products and invite them to earn money by promoting them.
  • Blog Regularly – It’s important to blog regularly about not just your products, but to inform, educate and connect with your audience through blogs on a regular basis.
  • Cross Promote – As you get to know people who offer complementary products and services, offer to guest post and let them do the same on your site so that you can both promote each other’s products and services.

You can get the word out about your business by promoting it on a regular basis through all your social media channels, emails, in networking events, and more. You can even create videos discussing your products and the problems that they will solve for your customers.

Finally, the most important aspect of starting and profiting from a Shopify store is ensuring that your product fits your audience and that you’re doing enough work getting the word out. It all starts with your products and then progresses to the tactics you use to target the right audience to let them know about your products or services. Leave no stone unturned and you will have an amazingly profitable Shopify store.


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