Facebook Case Studies: 21 Examples of Ads that Work (17)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Videoscribing

Landing page: https://ydraw.com

Placement: Mobile newsfeed

Critique: Ads in mobile newsfeeds need to be optimized for that purpose. Images should be clear and text short and to the point to catch the viewer’s attention in such a small space. This caricature image definitely gets its point across. The question in the text above the image is thought-provoking to keep you watching. The headline at the bottom sums up the product – a way to tell your business story. While you can’t show all the text in a mobile newsfeed ad, make sure the wording that does show is enough of a teaser for readers to click your call-to-action button, as in this example.

This landing page features engaging images and a video at eye level to view all you need to know about whiteboard advertising services. Below that is the opt-in area to learn about pricing, as well as sample videos.


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