Facebook Case Studies: 21 Examples of Ads that Work (1)

Every ad, no matter how great, can be improved. Here, we showcase 21 ads across a variety of niches. Learn what they have done right and also where they can do a little more to make the ad a better success.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theorganicboxedmonton 

Landing page: https://www.theorganicbox.ca/

Placement: right column

Critique: Right column ads are smaller because of the space you are dealing with. Statistics say that they aren’t viewed nearly as much as those within the newsfeed. If this is your choice for placement, make sure that you capture the audience’s attention. The photo here is relevant because it showcases the company name, which says a lot about what they do. The website link is prominent underneath the image. Text provides the value proposition in a few words along with the offer being promoted here. The one thing that might get more clicks is to put a date within the text to create a sense of urgency for the offer.

The landing page is a bit crowded. The ad talks about free delivery but there are links to view recipes, sign up for newsletters and learning about healthy living, not getting delivery services. Viewers could get frustrated and not complete a sale.

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