Investing In Real Estate For Beginners: Platforms Online [8]

Summary: Online Real Estate investment platforms allow you to invest right from your laptop. Online real estate platforms pool investments and invest in real estate investment opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to find or out of reach. Real estate platforms offer investors the ability to invest in single investments or a diversified portfolio of … Read more

Investing In Real Estate For Beginners: Private Equity Fund [7]

Summary:​ A private equity fund is an investment model where investors pool their money together into a single fund to make investments. Private Equity Funds are usually limited liability partnerships with a designated manager or management group. While the manager actively manages the equity fund’s investments, investors are not necessarily required to be directly involved … Read more

Investing In Real Estate For Beginners: Passive Investing [6]

Summary: Passive real estate investing offers opportunities to invest in real estate for those with extensive real estate and financial knowledge as well those with limited or no expertise. Passive real estate investors typically provide only capital and allow professionals to invest in real estate on their behalf. As with stocks and bonds, passive investors … Read more

Investing In Real Estate For Beginners: AirBnb [5]

Summary: Airbnb is a 21st-century technology company that allows residents to list and rent their homes on a night-by-night basis, usually as an alternative to a hotel. Airbnb rentals are similar to rental properties, but they are confined to residential properties and usually only available for short-term periods. Unlike traditional rentals, Airbnb lets you rent … Read more

Investing In Real Estate For Beginners: Rental Properties [4]

Summary: Rental properties also require hands-on management, but unlike house flips, they have a long-term investment horizon. Any type of property (residential, commercial, or industrial) can be a rental property. Property owners earn regular cash flow usually on a monthly basis in the form of rent payment from tenants. This can provide a steady, reliable … Read more