Wreck your Bad Credit, Build Good Credit: [50] Lawyers are not always a Good Solution

Lawyers often charge high fees to help individuals get out of debt. Credit repair clinics are available to assist individuals with debt relief, but only the absolute desperate would even consider these types of solutions. So, if this is not the solution for repairing credit, then what is? Many people that suffer from bad credit often wallow in a … Read more

Wreck your Bad Credit, Build Good Credit: [49] Laws in Credit Repair

There are certain laws issued for people that have bad credit and to know these laws is important to protect all those involved in your life. The Federal Legislation and several other agencies including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) protect you from collection agencies and creditors. If you have bad credit you really want to read this article … Read more

Wreck your Bad Credit, Build Good Credit: [48] CPN/SCN

What is a Credit Profile Number (CPN)? It is any nine digit number separate from your social security number, but not excluding a SSN, used to track your credit activities and history; such as a EIN, ITIN, TIN or SSN, but there can be other formalized government or institutionally issued 9 digit number which can be issued and … Read more