Blogging To 6 Figures (1)

Benefits Of Having A Blog

Simple to add new content instantly –The online blog changed the way the world looked at websites. Websites were for big companies who had investment to throw into website developers and websites. It wasn’t until WordPress arrived, which allowed the little guy, the people with passion and a voice who wanted to express themselves who could now join the ranks of the big guns. The ability to add content almost instantly with no coding or website knowledge really was a huge step forward for anyone wanting to get involved.

Creating content and publishing it to the web was now as easy as writing and sending an email. You can update your content frequently –Adding content to a blog is very, very easy, it’s also very easy to create a new look on a blog with the use of plugins and themes. Once again before blog platforms, the use of such features was only available from industry experts or big companies who could afford to hire developers. Fast forward to today, and you will find so many features, themes and plugins which can be used on blogs allowing for greater search engine optimization (SEO), traffic building and mailing list building. This has certainly paved the way for business owners and entrepreneurs to create their own business blogs without the need for webmasters.

Google rankings –With the increase in technology and the development of enhanced plugins, blogs have also become a great tool for reaching top rankings within Google. The ability to frequently update content easily and efficiently, along with the help of clean website code allows the marketer and entrepreneur to quickly update and outrank industry giants and hit the top spots in Google for specific key word rankings. Blogs allow for
interaction – One special feature of a WordPress blog is the ability to create interaction with its readers. Blogs allow comments, and it’s these comments that provide great value and a sense of community within your blog.

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