Blogging To 6 Figures: Monetizing Within Your Niche (3)

Monetizing Within Your Niche

Can you monetize your blog to suit your niche?

In my opinion, you can monetize any topic.

If there is enough demand for it then it can be monetized.

No matter how crazy your topic is there is always someone interested.

When it comes to finding your blog topic, there are three main things which you should look for:

1. Passion for writing content
2. Demand
3. Is it lucrative?

Choosing Your Killer Headline:

Different types of headline could be as follows.
Mistake headlines:
How to headlines:
Threat headlines:
Minimalist headline:
Popular brands headline:
List Headlines:



Write a tutorial series –Tutorial series of posts are brilliant.

They teach people how to get around problems and complete things they could not do otherwise.
The main feature of a tutorial post is you can spread them out over a few posts.

This could set you up for 2 to 3 weeks depending on your posting frequency.

Write a list post – List posts are easy as well as engaging.

How many headlines do you see every day that have a list in it?

Take a look next time you are reading a magazine or newspaper. They are everywhere and work very well. Write something personal –This is another easy post.

What is your most knowledgeable subject? You, right?


How To End Your Post

Ask the opinion of your audience:

  • Let me know what you think?
  • Have you ever tried this?
  • Let them know what’s next

Calls to action:

  • Ask the readers to Share your content

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