Blogging To 6 Figures: Blog Monetization Options Checklist (5)

Blog Monetization Options Checklist

Choosing a monetization method for your blog can be overwhelming at first! Use this checklist to give you an overview of the main monetization options… and remember that you can always try more than one, most bloggers do!

Affiliate Marketing

The simplest way to make money online. Thousands of companies and millions of products are available. You need no marketing skills. Your income is only limited by your efforts. You can start as a sideline to your current job. Commissions can be low. Finding a reputable company is crucial. This is an extremely competitive field in some niches. You are responsible for getting traffic to your affiliate marketing links.



Too many marketing messages on your blog can scare away your traffic. Understanding display and text-based advertising integration onto your blog can be a technical challenge for some.
Advertising networks can handle much of the work for you. You can develop a dependable monthly, quarterly or even annual income if your traffic is substantial. There is no end to the number of possible business partners who may be interested in advertising on your blog.


Sponsored Posts, Brand Marketing

Without a lot of traffic, you won’t receive much money per post. If you build your reputation, traffic and page rank, the money can be very good indeed. This is a simple process. You already write blog posts anyway, so there is no new technology to learn. The tighter, more laser-focused and unique your niche, the more money you can charge. Sponsored posts can detract from your reputation as a leader in your field. People may start to view you as a shill for paying advertisers, rather than as a respectable source for unbiased information.


Selling Your Own Products, Services and Memberships

You get to keep 100% of the profits from any sales. You could choose to let affiliates sell your products and services for you. You can develop or create an unlimited number of offerings. Building information products is a simple process. You must oversee all aspects of the marketing and sales process. Some products are technically or financially difficult to create. Sales may not be what you would expect at first.


Selling Your Blog

Could provide a large onetime payment. Let’s you change gears, and moved to an entirely different niche. Sites like Free Market and SEDO make selling your blog simple. Without verifiable traffic, page rank, income and other analytics, you won’t receive much money. If you decide to start a blog in another market, you need to work on building that blog, your traffic, and your reputation as a market leader all over again.

Although your blog is free, blogs are a great way to make money once you build an audience. Blogs can be thought of as free content for those who want specific information. Therefore, it is important to have strong topics.

If your blog specializes in a single niche, you might be able to parlay the knowledge that you’re giving away into a successful ebook.  Most eBook writers started off as Bloggers. The same people who seek blogs as an information source may very well pay a small fee for a much more comprehensive overview of what you have to offer.

You can also sell eBooks’ and products on your blog directly to your readers as opposed to selling through a publisher or other third-party seller, which creates an even larger profit margin for you as the content developer.
In 30 days, you can have a successful blog, build an audience and generate revenue.

You already post on Social Media daily, so why not put that information in a blog. Are you up for the challenge.

Now let’s get BLOGGING!!!


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